Ace Automotive Staff

Our Team:

Jamie Armstrong  (Owner) ASE Master Technician

Jamie found his love in cars at a young age. At 14 years old he got his first car a 1965 Chevelle his grandparents handed down to him. In a barn on his grandparent’s farm in Santa Rosa California he began to transform the former family car into a hot-rod on a very limited budget. It came very natural always taking things apart to find out how they worked. At 16 years old he traded a valve job on a old Chevrolet Pick up for his 2nd car a 1969 Pontiac Custom S. The Pontiac had caught fire, the interior was worn out, the paint was ugly so it was a real challenge but he was never discouraged. Jamie graduated first in his class even received the highest award given in the Auto Shop, even a small scholarship and tool allowance to attend automotive tech school. English and Math didn’t come as easy but he knew he needed them to be able to attend Auto Shop in High School. Jamie worked through High School for Darrel Williams at his 76 service station having 3 of the best mentors Darrel, Rosie and Bobby any young man could have.  One week to the day of graduating High School he drove his 69 Pontiac with all of his worldly belongings to attend Arizona Automotive Institute in Glendale AZ. He worked his way through school receiving his AA degree. He worked for 3 smaller shops over 7 years all allowing him to take on whatever he felt he was capable of needless to say he never turned away a challenge. Jamie then started as a technician at a large independent repair shop in Tempe AZ after a year moving to Service Writer then Shop Forman and then the last 15 years of his 20 year stay as General Manager of the largest Independent Repair shop in the East Valley. Now it was time for a new chapter in his life as he opened his own repair shop in May of 2009 Ace Automotive. Jamie has 2 boys that are the joys of his life James (JT) and Jacob there is nothing that brings him more joy as to work side by side with them in his shop on their own cars or them helping him on his desert racing SXS UTV. Jamie has the most supportive wife Summer a Man could ever ask for she is always understanding when he leaves to work at the wee hours of the morning and returns late in the evening to share some sort of dinner just the two of them because the other kids are already in bed. Jamie helps Summer raise his 3 step children Taylor, Jordyn and Rylee. We always joke we are the modern day Brady Bunch. The nest is getting empty now with just the two youngest teenage girls left at home. Jamie loves to drive his Side by Side UTV desert racer as fast as it will take him just on the edge of out of control. Jamie loves his calling at church working with the 10 year old primary boys and is often found helping a family move in or out. Jamie loves to be able to give service to anyone in need.


Summer Armstrong  (Co-Owner)

Summer is always willing to help Jamie with any office needs or support. She was often found answering the phones and doing the daily books at the shop. These days she enjoys working from home. A few years back Summer called a board meeting only inviting herself to an executive board decision to limit her required duties to payroll. She has put herself into semi-retirement from Ace Automotive as the pay never equaled the time she would have to put into the business. She is always just a phone call away for Quickbooks support or any office need or support to Jamie. Summer will be the first to tell you there is nothing cute or fun down at the shop so she would just rather log on from home to do her work. Summer is working at her home based business Smokin Hot Polka Dots giving old furniture cute and more colorful new life. If you need anything made cute or decorated she is your girl. Before Jamie came into her life in 2008 she has almost solely raised her 3 kids and has made them the well-grounded young people they are today.


Scott Hatch  (Manager)

Scott has been working at the front counter at Ace Automotive since 2010 he is the first smiling face you see when you walk in the front door. Scott has cut his teeth in the automotive industry working in the family’s automotive repair and tire store Hatch Tire in east Mesa. Scott is one of the best family man I know. He is a great husband and father to his four children. Scott follows in the footsteps of his amazing wife and will always be found attending his two boys and two girl’s school functions, sporting events or church activities. He is very involved in his church never turning down a task when asked. As an Eagle Scout himself he is very involved in the scouting program. He is a mentor to several great young men and is always willing to help share his skills and knowledge.  Scott is Jamie’s right hand holding down the front counter answering the phone and making sure every repair is handled as if the customer was his own Mother or Fathers vehicle.


Joe Gabrial   (ASE Certified Technician)

Joe is one of the assets Jamie acquired when purchasing an existing auto repair business from a friend in May of 2009. Joe has worked in the dealership service arena but has really come to love the constant challenges and diversity of working the independent auto repair sector. Joe is a Diehard Ford Guy but Jamie doesn’t hold that against him, someone has to work on them is what Jamie says. Joe loves his Fords but is so well rounded he can fix any make or model that is placed in his path.  When not under a car Joe can be found spending time with his family. Joe has a very supportive wife and that is a must with the demands the automotive repair industry places on its technicians. Joe is a very good Dad and is often found spending time with his two daughters and son. Joe and his family love the outdoors if it’s not a day on the lake in his jet boat its 4 wheeling in the mountains or the beautiful Arizona desert.


Sam Slottsman  (ASE Certified Technician)

Sam has worked most of his automotive career in Chevrolet dealership. He and his wife are Texas natives but love what Arizona has to offer. Sam along with his buddy partner and wife have raised four children and are now proud grandparents to one grandchild, with hopes to more soon. Sam is a very good technician with old school values. Sam started working on cars before computers could assist in the diagnostic procedure. Back then we had to rely on our ears, eyes, smell and since of touch to be able to diagnose problems. Technicians that could master those skills were the best overall automotive technicians and Sam is defiantly a master. When away from the shop you will find Sam and his wife bowling on their bowling league or watching sports. Sam is one of the biggest Dallas Cowboy’s fans I know and probably one of the reasons Jamie hired him besides being an extremely talented automotive technician.


Armando Flores

Jamie had a meeting with an instructor and employment placement director from EVIT in Mesa, Jamie asked for their best student overall in hopes of adding an apprentice technician to his staff. They did just that when they sent Armando to job shadow our technicians. Armando is not your typical millennial as young people are called these days. He graduated from Mesa High School and is now in the automotive program at East Valley Institute of Technology where he is one of the top students. He is a self-starter and works very well with very little supervision. Armando along with attending EVIT everyday works at least a 5 hour shift at Ace and also works the parts counter at O’Reilly Auto Parts 3 to 4 days a week. Armando is the hardest working young man his age I know.  There is not a day goes by at the end of his shift that he doesn’t say is there anything else you need before I leave. Armando is blessed with commonsense and the ability to think outside the box which is one of the best personal qualities an automotive technician can possess.